We work 1:1 with our clients and use our expertise to help them nail down the 4 pillars that determine an event’s success:


Your Event Strategy


Your Event Marketing


Your Event Content


Your Event Sales Offer

Guessing, “winging it” or copying what you see others doing is a fast pass to the event hall of shame.

All 4 of these pillars need expert level attention.


Because the cold hard truth is:
While events can create quantum leaps for your business...
… Events can also be a costly nightmare.

When you pay attention to these 4 pillars, your dreams of a multi 5 or 6 figure event can come true!

How We Work With Our Clients:

We know how busy you are. 
We also know you don’t need another program to study or a long drawn out coaching package.

You need answers.
You need results.
And you need them NOW.

That’s why within 2 days or less, you’ll have everything D.O.N.E!

1:1 Intensive Sessions:

We work with you 1:1 (in-person or via Zoom) to solidify each of the 4 areas critical to your event's success.

Whether it takes 1 or 2 days to get the job done depends on how many pillars you need strengthened.

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Event Consulting:

For ongoing support, accountability and to support your team in correctly implementing your vision, we also offer 1:1 event consulting.

Event consulting packages are not preset. We customize them based on how long YOU need support.

Event Copywriting:

We take on a max of 3-5 clients per quarter and support them by creating compelling copy that attracts their ideal clients & buyers to their event. 

Event Copywriting Includes: 

  • Event website/ landing & registration page copy
  • Nurture emails & social media posts to warm up your audience
  • Promotional emails & social media posts
  • Swipe copy for promotion partners & speakers.
  • Challenges, webinars, etc. that lead up to promoting your main event.
  • Reminder & behind the scene emails to attendees registered for the event.
  • Follow up emails to those who attended the event.
  • Emails offering a replay
  • Etc.


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Just like no 2 businesses are exactly alike,
no 2 event models are alike either.

Your business has different opportunities and resources at its disposal.
Your business has different needs & goals.
Your business has a unique clientele.

And most importantly…
How you want YOUR life to look, is different from another business owner.

When we work with you to craft your unique event strategy, we design it based on YOU, your desired lifestyle, your needs, your goals, and what's reasonable based on your opportunities and resources.

With a solid event strategy you can:

  • Cut out the guessing game of “how do I consistently get clients?”
  • Rinse & repeat it throughout the lifetime of your business.
  • Know every year like clockwork, when you’re hosting events.
  • Get off the cashflow rollercoaster & KNOW when new clients are coming.
  • Have something in your business that’s stable, predictable & you can rely on!

During an Event Strategy Intensive, that’s exactly what we’ll help you do!

Here’s What We Craft & Cover In Your Event Strategy Intensive:

  • YOU: What you want your life & business to look like. 
  • SALES OFFER: What your event sales offer should be & how to price it.
  • EVENT TYPE: What type of event will reap the best results & ROI.
  • TICKETS: If your event should be free, for a fee, and for how much.
  • ATTENDANCE: How many will attend & how to get them there.
  • SALES: What you can realistically expect to make from your event.

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See if you have any weak spots in your event strategy...

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9 times out of 10, the reason event hosts aren’t getting the results
they want is because of their event messaging and marketing.

Event marketing is often one of the most overlooked areas & is costing hundreds of thousands in new client sales.

The obsession of getting “butts in seats,” is strong.
But paying attention to HOW & WHAT they are saying, is weak.

BONUS TIP:  It’s about quality, not quantity.
You want a room full of buyers. Not a full room of tire kickers.

With the RIGHT marketing strategies & event messaging, you can:

  • Weed out the broke & broken folk.
  • Increase your sales conversion.
  • Position yourself as THE GO-TO expert in your industry.
  • Effortlessly fill your event with buyers.
  • Eliminate a BIG event stressor & enjoy the ride! 

During an Event Marketing Intensive, that’s exactly what we’ll help you do!

Here’s What We Craft & Cover In Your Event Marketing Intensive:

  • REVERSE ENGINEER:  With your event sales offer in mind, we work backwards to map out a unique breadcrumb trail of content that will lead to your event.
  • EBM:  We outline what Education Based Marketing will serve your ideal client needs right now and best position you as their trusted advisor. 
  • MESSAGING: Together we’ll map out your event messaging details such as, their top pain points, why they should attend, how it will benefit them, what they’ll learn, etc. 
  • TACTICS: Based on your offer, event type & EBM, we chose the best event marketing tactics that will lead to the most qualified leads registering for your event.  For instance, doing a challenge, hosting a short webinar, speaking, email, etc.
  • CALENDAR: We’ll outline a detailed calendar so you have a clear picture of what marketing goes out when & where for your event.

Curious if you’d benefit from an Event Marketing Intensive?

See if you have any weak spots in your event marketing...

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Your event is a representation of you & your business.

If your content is disorganized, lame, basic, hard to follow, doesn’t make sense, or overwhelms them with too much info…
… That’s what they’ll think it will be like if they hire & work with you. 

TRANSLATION:  If you don’t have the right content, they won’t buy.

With the right flow and balance of content, you can:

  • Give them an incredible & life-changing experience.
  • Make them crave and long for your sales offer!
  • Provide small but powerful bite size chunks of valuable content.
  • Deliver exercises that make lasting impressions.
  • Look like a seasoned pro, impressing onlookers & attendees.
  • Have them on the edge of their seat, ready to pounce on your sales offer!

During an Event Content Intensive, that’s exactly what we’ll help you do!

Here’s What We Craft & Cover In Your Event Content Intensive:

  • REVERSE ENGINEER:  Based on your event offer, we will work backwards to outline what content is CRUCIAL to serve and lead your audience to your offer.
  • EXERCISES:  We’ll help you brainstorm and find what exercises & stories will really make a lasting impression.
  • PROGRAM:  Your entire event program & content segments will be outlined.
  • SET UP THE OFFER:  We’ll identify the most powerful content piece that will set up your event sales offer and have them drooling!

Curious if you’d benefit from an Event Content Intensive?

See if you have any weak spots in your event content...

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You got people to your event… all the work… all the build up… has led to this moment…
… ALL eyes are on you and now it’s time to give your event sales offer!

Now what??!

What do you say & how do you say it? 
When during the event should you make your offer?  
Should you do bonuses or a discount?
Should you do a limiter?
How long should the offer be? 
What should the price be?

The whole point of doing a sales event was to make money.
If you don’t know the answers to those questions, you could make $0.

That’s Why During Your Event Offer Intensive, We Craft & Cover:

  • WHEN: The best time during the event to make your offer.
  • STRUCTURE: What you should include in your offer.
  • PRICING: We review & solidify what’s included in your offer and the investment level.
  • WHAT TO SAY: We literally tell you what to say and outline your entire offer.
  • OBJECTIONS: We’ll uncover objections likely to arise for your specific offer and show you how to handle them upfront in a clear, calm and loving way.

Curious if you’d make more with an event sales offer tune up? 

Identify any weak spots in your event sales offer...

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Here’s some random client love & shout outs:

Wendy Babcock

Profit UP Consultant

P.S. Her event is soon to come.  Stay tuned for results!

The nervous energy that comes with being a newbie to this process is definitely calmed by having you in my corner. God bless you, Alexis. You're amazing. Smart, responsive, sensistive, open, honest, consistent AND kind! Wow. I'm feeling SUPER blessed to be working with you. After tomorrow, all through the weekend, I'm gonna be thanking God for my blessings in TEAM and you're at the top of the list.


Supreme Love Project Founder & Lead Coach

UPDATE: This was her 1st BIG 3-day event.  She totally closed 6 figures! Go girl!

Big Shout Out to our fellow Thrive members Alexis Caldicott and Aaron Caldicott of A-Team Event Company! I hired them 2 weeks before my event, when I had 2 VIPs and a handful of registered participants confirmed to attend...and they got me 21 attendees and 18 more people upgraded to VIP! They brought in an additional $3,600 on revenue BEFORE the event! Thank you A Team for helping make a great event and thanks Suzanne Evans and the team for making a great community where I could meet them!


Speaker Trainer & Coach

UPDATE: He had done this event several times before, but finally hit his goal of 6 figures in sales for the first time AT this event! (Plus the extra green we got him upfront!)