Here’s the word on the street about A-Team…


Attorney & Business Coach

Alexis was like a wizard and extracted all my ideas and was able to put them together in an organized way.  I thought I knew how to create marketing, but I was blown away by the marketing message Alexis created.  Because of her marketing strategy, direction, and copy, my first virtual event had 200 people beyond my attendance goals! 



RE Business Coach

"I made money from my event well above and beyond her services so it was totally worth it!  I can’t wait to use her services again… In fact, I am!  When other business friends of mine wanted to collaborate on an event, I said we have to use Alexis! 

If you’re looking to do an in-person or virtual event, I highly highly recommend you use Alexis to do your event marketing and be the person to guide & support you every inch of the way."


SuperCharged Entrepreneur Coach

“I’ve done events in the past and did pretty good, but I wanted to UP my game.  In just one session I got (almost) all of my money’s worth.  Based on what they said in my Event Strategy Intensive, I changed the structure of my offers & closed another $50,000.

On top of that… They are just really good people and have a lot of experience.  I feel extremely confident having “The A-Team” in my corner.  I’m happy to say its one of the best decisions I’ve made to hire the A-Team. I highly highly recommend them!”

Terri Hardin Jackson


Actor, Artist, Business Coach

“Alexis is a master at what she does! It’s like watching a maestro conduct a flawless and breathtaking symphony or Michelangelo painting a masterpiece!  I knew I could put on a successful event but had no idea how to get started and pay for it.  They came up with an idea that I LOVED and within my first 30 days of working with them, I closed $13,000 in sales!

Nancy Roberts and Alexis


Sales Genius Coach

“I could have never created a $50,000+ small event (my first time!) had I not had Alexis & Aaron running my event, creating my marketing, and making sure that everything was taken care of! I can’t thank them enough. I so appreciate the extra effort and A+ service to keep me on track.”

Felicia Searcy


Premier Results Expert

“I so appreciate the support from Alexis & Aaron at my 3-day event. They brought a terrific level of care with details and their presence. My attendees kept remarking how cared for they felt by my team. I was able to relax and bring my focus to delivering my message knowing that the other details were being taken care of. And, my results were amazing! I increased my sales by 60% over what I did the year before at the same event (multi six figures!).”

Nancy Roberts and Alexis


Corporate Coach & Personality Assessor

“Working with A-Team Event Company for our live events and retreats has been one of my best decisions!  They saved us from a lot of stress and from wasting a ton of money.

We were able to fill our 3-day event with 80 of the RIGHT people.  Our first event with them, they saved us over $40,000 AND helped us sell over $100,000 in sales! We have happily continued to use them for our events and always see amazing results like this! They made us look like Rock Stars!  Everyone needs an A-Team event!"

Linda Heeler


Life Coach

From hosting ONE 2 hour event I closed $5,000!  The best part, I have been able to rinse and repeat this over and over again and the ROI just continues to grow!

Working with the A-Team was one of the smartest business decisions I've made! I've worked with others who didn’t deliver on their promises and disappeared over time. Alexis and her team are the real deal! If you are looking to grow your business and want a team that is honest, smart, hardworking and easy to work with, I would strongly recommend you work with A-Team Event Company.”

CAitlin Drago


Actor & Corporate Leadership Coach

"When I started the course with Alexis, I told her that I would be happy if I made back three times what I invested. Within three months, I had immediately made back twice what I initially invested in the course. To date, due to the lessons that I learned from Alexis, I have made over 16 times what I invested!

I knew that I could learn this all myself, over the course of a few years, spending money, learning from my own mistakes. Instead, I decided to work with Alexis, learn from her experience. I went from having no mailing list, to having a list of 100 people in my target demographic.  Alexis over-delivered on the one on one laser calls and the Q&A calls. No question was too small or too specific.

What I enjoyed the most about working with Alexis, was that she helped me to find my own selling and negotiating style, which pushed me out of my comfort zone while allowing me to be authentic to myself.

My ROI from this increases with every client that I sign. I use some kind of skill, tip or trick that I learned from Alexis at every event and in every interaction with a new lead."

Rochel Keller


Trauma & Disaster Advisor

Finally, I was ready to launch my business, but I want to start it out RIGHT.  I hired Alexis and did a Business Success Strategy & Marketing Session with her.  I am so happy that I did.  It was the best money I ever spent!  After my session with her I felt excited, confident that I can do this, and equipped with a plan & the know-how to make it happen!

Kelly Clark


Corporate Trainer & Legal Shield Agent

“I wanted to stay a part of my network marketing company but also start a consulting business. Alexis suggested that I use the products of the network marketing company in conjunction with my consulting services.  We did a Business Success Strategy & Marketing Session and Alexis helped me lay out an entire plan to combine my networking marketing company and consulting services so I could continue to reach higher levels in the company, plus create a giant leap in my income.  I LOVED my session with Alexis.  Her continued support and guidance has been instrumental in getting this new endeavor off the ground."