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Event Profits Unleashed is unlike any other event!
Why?  Because we are pulling back the curtain and showing you how YOU can unleash the profits waiting for your business.
During this event, we will show you:
  • What TYPE of event will best serve your audience and make you the most money.
    • We'll help you discover if you should do a workshop, retreat, Bootcamp, or live event (1, 2 or 3 days)
  • How to determine what your offer should be and how to make it irresistible.
  • The #1 one thing that has to be crystal clear in order to fill your event with ease.
  • Our TOP strategies to fill your events.
  • And much much more! 
Events really are a science.  You just have to know your numbers.  When you know your numbers, just about any business can use events, big or small, to get new clients and close 5 to 6 figures!
You can absolutely create results like this!  And during the event, we will walk you through figuring out your numbers and path to unleashing event profits.  
Join us April 5-7th in Atlanta, Georgia for this amazing event and give us the honor of showing you how to unleash your event profits!
Register your ticket now before this event sells out!
General Admission        $197
Until 9/29/17 you can snag a FREE TICKET!
How is the ticket free?  When you give a refundable a deposit of $97 (so we know you are committed and reserve you a seat), at the event we will hand you a check for $97!
BACKSTAGE PASS        $2,000
(Only 5 available)
Want to know what to expect for your first event?  
BACKSTAGE PASS is the way to go!
Experience hosting your own event without doing any of the work, and get a RAW & REAL behind the scenes look at what we do best!
With your BACKSTAGE PASS, we will pull back the curtain and show you our:
  • Ticket map and strategies for filling the event
  • Process for finding and securing sponsors and speakers for our event
  • 30-day countdown checklist for the event to make everything is set & ready to go!
  • Outline for the event and how our team is prepared to adjust on the fly.
  • Process for training our team for registration and back of the room sales.
  • At the event, you will have dinner with us for a behind the scenes look at how the event is going.
  • Onsite training of how you can take what you learned and how to apply it to your event
We will also include:
  • Time behind the stage and with our event team to get the full behind the scene look.
  • Photos of you on stage speaking with our photographer for your future event marketing.
  • 2 group calls at 60 days and 14 days from the event to show you the status of the event and what you can expect for your event.
  • 1 group call 1 week after the event to show you our follow up process and apply what you learned from our event to yours!
Interested in getting a BACKSTAGE PASS?
If you currently are not a client, you must apply and qualify to receive a BACKSTAGE PASS so we can be sure that this is the right time and ticket for you.  
To apply, simply click the button below and in the "Contact Us" message, please share with us:
  • Your contact information (name, phone, email)
  • What type of event you would like to host in the future
  • Why you think BACKSTAGE PASS is right for you
Already working with the A-Team?
A BACKSTAGE PASS is perfect for you to see how it all will come together!
For a limited time, our past and current clients (ONLY) can claim a backstage pass for only $500.  
Due to the intensity of the information shared, we can only give out 5 Backstage Passes.  
These 5 passes are on a first come first served basis and will sell out.
Claim yours now while it's available!

Got questions?  We've got answers.  

Give our team a call today at 585-310-1986 and we would be happy to help you!

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