This is where I share all the secrets that helped me quickly launch and grow my business to multiple 6 figures.  


I’m sharing it so when you need to get clients you can have the confidence and skillset to go out and close 5 to 6 figures in 3 days or less by going to someone else’s event.

You may have future goals and dreams of hosting your own live event, but before that can happen you need…

  • Clients

  • Money

  • Confidence that you can close at events

  • An email list & following

So how do you get “event ready” yourself while getting clients, money, and growing your list?


Online funnels and social media ads are techy, expensive, time intensive, and generate cold internet traffic with no real human connection.   Until you have the time, team and resources to invest in marketing funnels, 9.5 times out of 10 you end up frustrated and clientless.

But what if there was a way to:

  • Make REAL connections with people who want to be a client and on your mailing list.

  • Have a way to create money and plan ahead to avoid major dips in your cash-flow.

  • Leverage your time & efforts with all your leads in ONE room (instead of chasing them one at a time).

  • Be seen & known in your industry as an influencer and leader.

  • Make more money in just a few days than you have in a few months or all year!

  • BONUS: Learn and take notes about how events are done (the right or wrong way)

You don’t have to imagine or try to figure it out any longer!  Introducing:

The secret strategy that has helped me close 5 to 6 figures in 3 days or less WITHOUT hosting my own event.


And can create incredible results for your business too!

Because when you join me in this powerful program, I’m going to reveal my closely held secrets for creating a cash injection whenever it’s needed, growing my list, and becoming an industry leader. (Some of the biggest names in my industry have asked me for these secrets!)


My FAVORITE part of this strategy is you’re still using events to get clients, it’s just with a different twist!  You're going to someone else’s conference or event to get clients instead of hosting your own.

There are 3 main pathways to get clients at someone else’s event:

  1. Sponsorship (where you have an exhibitor booth or table)

  2. Speaking (where you make a free or paid offer from stage)

  3. Being An Attendee (Yes! Just as an attendee I’ve closed thousands AT the event)

How do you decide which pathway to take at someone’s conference or event?


This program will show you how to weigh it out, but it is primarily based on your current skill level, business goals, budget, and the details of the event itself.


Regardless of the pathway you choose, you can leave someone else’s event with new clients that have paid, are excited and ready to work with you!  Plus, close even more clients long after the event through follow up.


You’ll receive these powerful insider strategies to closing 5 to 6 figures in 3 days or less by going to someone else’s conference or event; or in other words…


You’ll get cash from conferences and events!

Here is what you’ll get when you join this one-of-a-kind, powerful program:


#1. 10 Training Modules


Introduction: Getting CRYSTAL clear on your ideal client.



How to say what you do & intrigue people to want to know more!



How to overcome the fear of putting yourself “out there” and doing sales at the event.



How to find and qualify the right events for you, and how to decide if you should be a sponsor, speaker or attendee.


Pathway #1: Being a Sponsor.  In this module we’ll show you…
- How to maximize your sponsorship.

- How to create create a booth that STOPS traffic, makes them curious and want to talk to you.
- How to setup your booth.
- How to make the most out of a bad booth placement.
- How to break the ice and what to say to people when they are walking by.
- How to get leads to sit down and buy there at the event.



Pathway #2: Being a Speaker. In this module we’ll show you…

- How to maximize your speaking opportunity.

- How to structure your talk and sell from the stage.
- How to “sell” from the stage when you aren’t allowed to sell from the stage.
- How to do a killer 1 minute talk on stage that creates a rush to your booth. 
- How to get majority of the room to opt-in to your freebie.
- How to get prospects to sit down and buy there at the event.



Pathway #3:  Being An Attendee (This is our top-secret strategy !)

In this module we’ll show you…

- How to STAND OUT and make people cross the room to talk to you.

- 7 ways to move someone from stranger to client in as little as 1 – 3 days.  


How to host a  Piggyback event  that closes 5 to 6 figures on the spot!


Event sales: How to sell respectfully and authentically at someone else’s event

- When and how to run a sales consultation at the event that closes.

- How to close the prospect AT the event and avoid the “let me think about it when I get home” response.

- How to determine which event sales personality type you are so you don’t come across desperate or creepy.

MODULE 10: How to easily and effectively follow up with and market to your leads.

In this module we’ll show you…

- How to plan out and setup your marketing in advance.

- Email templates you can plug and play your info into and send out.

- How to get leads to schedule a time to talk on the phone.

#2. Our super simple workbooks, templates, checklists, and spreadsheets.

These are the keys to effectively planning out what events to use, how to participate at events, tracking your results, and sending out follow up marketing after the event.


We know you will have questions and will need extra time and support customizing the info, weighing out which events to do and how to participate, and how to setup your booth.  That’s why we’re also including…


3 Laser Support Calls 1:1 with Alexis


Lifetime Access to our Monthly LIVE Question & Answer call.

  • Long after the program is done and you’ve learned everything, you will still have access to the Q&A call we host once a month so if an opportunity comes up and you need help, we’re here!


Review of your booth setup and display. (Send us pictures and we’ll give you feedback!)


Cailtin Drago

I’m not even half-way through the program and already seeing results!

At an event one of the first things the woman I met with did was compliment my outfit. It made me feel more confident and we had a great conversation, resulting in a possible partnership that could bring some income in down the line. 


I went against my usual habit of arriving a little after the event starts and leaving before it ends. Instead, I got there early, and stayed late, and you know what happened? About 20 minutes after the event had officially ended, I had a conversation with a woman who ended up saying, "I think I could use someone like you." So I got out my calendar, then and there, and we set a time to meet. We met yesterday and she gave me a verbal, "Yes!" She's officially my first client! 

Working with the A-Team was one of the smartest business decisions I've made! I've worked with others who didn’t deliver on their promises and disappeared over time. Alexis and her team is the real deal! I am constantly implementing what I learned and the ROI just continues to build. If you are looking to grow your business and want a team that is honest, smart, hardworking and easy to work with, I would strongly recommend you work with A-Team Event Company

Linda Heeler

“We had a great opportunity to be where our ideal clients were gathering at a conference and we knew there had to be a way to capitalize on it, so we called in the A-Team!  In less than a week they helped us put together a “Piggyback event”. We had about 20 people attend our 90-minute Piggyback event and we sold over $50,000 in sales! Thank goodness I worked with the A-Team! They are the best at looking at the possibilities and turning them into profitable realities!”

Scott Lawrence

But we're not stopping there!

I’ve been told I could break this program up into 3 programs to teach sponsorship, speaking, and networking as an attendee and sell them each for $997.  However, anything with my name on it has to have integrity and teach everything you need to know to get the job done. 

No fluff.

No “shelf-help.”

No BS.


That’s why I’m taking this training program to another level and offering bonus training calls with these experts:

Jessica Terzakis:  When and how to sell group programs from sponsorship.

Wendy Barr:  How to have a brand that impresses and makes you stand out.

Shevelle McPherson:  What you must have in your agreements to protect the sales you close.

Susan Terzakis:  How to effectively scale and grow your business.

Plus a few other surprise guests!

This is an unprecedented program outlining EVERYTHING you need to know to get clients and cash from conferences and events. 

I also know that the majority of people that take this training program want to host their own live event in the future, be it a big or small event.  That’s why I’m also including a complimentary ticket to my 3-day live event, Event Profits Unleashed.


At this event I will show you how to master hosting big or small events.  Whether its your first event or your 50th, we’ll show you where the hidden profits are in your events that are waiting to be unleashed.  This is a $497 ticket, but its complimentary when you sign up for Cash from Conferences.


And to reward you for taking the fast action that leads to success, the first 5 people who sign up will receive a 90-minute 1:1 Conference & Event Strategy Session with me where I will help you identify your goals for 2020, which events you should be targeting, and how to participate at the events, plus answer whatever questions you have.

This is all backed by my 100% Risk Free Guarantee: For a full year, if you are unsatisfied and don’t make your money back, just show us your completed course work and the events you went to where you implemented the training program and I will personally give you a full refund.

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