As Sales Event Consultants, It’s Our Mission:

To help business owners never stress about money again, make a bigger impact on the world, and create more freedom in their life.

We Believe And Know 1st Hand, Events Are The Vehicle To Making All Of This Happen!


Since the beginning of mankind’s existence, we have been gathering together to problem solve, learn from, get support, receive counsel, and overcome the challenges in our lives.

It’s by being TOGETHER that we breakthrough… we transform… we conquer.

When You Host An Event,
You Are Creating A Container For Big Moments To Happen.

When your audience member cracks open their shell, feels heard, validated, and like they aren’t alone… they are ready for a big moment to happen.

When YOU are on stage, delivering content that changes someone’s life and/or business, and then lovingly guide them to step UP and step into working with you on a deeper level…
… a BIG moment is about to happen for you.

Then, there is the 3rd person… 
(This might sound a bit woo woo, but roll with me on this one…)
The collective person or energy you can feel at the event. This is what cements and makes a lasting impression & memory for everyone at the event. 


We’ve seen so many businesses struggle for years, hiring experts, buying programs, all in hopes to “make it” and hit 6 or 7 figures.

Business is simple.
Business owners complicate it.

Our Simple Business Philosophy: 

  1. Gather your leads all together in one place.
  2. Serve & educate them.
  3. Tell them what you have to offer.

In its most simplistic form, that is what a sales event IS.

Using events as a simple strategy in your business, you can:

  • Have a higher ROI on your time and efforts.
  • Get off the cashflow rollercoaster & predict your sales.
  • Have a strategy you can rely on to get clients.
  • Uplevel your game & entire business.
  • Claim expert status.
  • Ignite your impact.
  • Boost your sales

BEST PART - you don’t need a massive list, following, or Oprah Winfrey as your friend to make it happen!

You can close 5 to 6 figures with as little as 5 people at your event.

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A-Team Event Company


(“Called – a – Cot”)
Founder & Co-Owner

Alexis Caldicott is an International Speaker, Event Consultant, and Marketing Strategist.

For over a decade she has traveled across the US, Mexico and Canada teaching business owners how to strategically use events to get clients. Whether hosting their own event OR by going to someone else’s event as a sponsor, speaker or attendee and generate 5 or even 6 figures in sales AT the event.

Mentored over the years by experts like Callan Rush, Lisa Sasevich, Sandra Yancey, David Neagle, and Suzanne Evans, Alexis now combines her background in psychology, sales copywriting, and education-based marketing, helping her clients gross millions of dollars from hosting or attending live events.

Often called the “Queen of Event Marketing” her clients have generated multiple 6-figures in sales from single events with less than 50 people attending!

She believes with the right psychology and marketing, events can be an unforgettable experience that provide lasting transformation and a greater ripple effect and impact on the world.

Alexis graduated on the Dean’s List with Honors in psychology, and is also a classically trained opera singer, and a certified drum circle facilitator. She lives in Upstate New York with her amazing husband Aaron and beautiful baby boy River.


Co-Owner & Genius Problem Solver

Aaron is an entrepreneur through and through.  He has owned and worked with a variety of businesses throughout the years and has a thorough understanding of the unique challenges of owning and growing a business.

Before starting his entrepreneurial course, Aaron served as a full-time volunteer in Brooklyn, NY from 1995-2003.  Aaron affectionately looks back at his volunteer work as some of the best days of his life.

Aaron has a passion for real estate and has owned, managed and sold multiple properties and still keeps an eye on the market for great deals.

As a business consultant, he has worked with several companies to help them refine their process and systems so they could dramatically increase their sales.

In 2013, Aaron decided to come on board as a co-owner of Window Cleaning and More.  Within a year, he was able to help them double their annual sales. The following year, Aaron was instrumental in doubling their annual sales again!  Thrilled with the results, the company was then in a position to be sold, making both Aaron and his co-owner and partner very happy!

In 2015, Aaron and Alexis were happily married and decided to join forces and created the A-Team Event Company. Together, Aaron and Alexis have helped business after business get on the right path to attracting their ideal clients and put on highly profitable events.


Director of Client Experience

Rebecca is our right hand woman that ensures all of us are taken care of! She makes sure each one of our clients know just how valued & important they are. If you need anything, Rebecca has your back.


Technical Operations Manager

Kim ensures that our company and our clients have the technology to support their success. Whether its landing pages, virtual events, or anything else online, Kim is brilliant and has our back!