Why do we love events?






We believe that big moments happen together.  

Lasting change and transformation does not need to take years. 


It can happen in a signal moment, at a single event.



We love creating the container for transformation!


In order to transform, attendees must be able to trust the environment they are in.  By creating the right container and environment for our client's events, attendees feel safe to share their past experiences,  beliefs, and their vision for the future.  


Having the right container allows for big moments to happen.



who do big moments happen for?


Big moments happen for the audience…

Something magical happens when people gather together. They have the opportunity to share, feel heard and know they are not alone.  Now they are ready to release the old and embrace the new.   They are ready for lasting transformation and growth. 

They are ready for a big moment.




Big moments happen from the stage…

People invest in who they trust.  When you are on stage sharing your authentic self and knowledge with the audience,  a connection and bond forms.  Once in this position of trust, you are able to offer them the opportunity to continue growing with you.  

This is when a big moment happens for you! 


Showing our clients how to sell from a place of service,

they have repeatedly sold over 5 to 6 figures from the stage at ONE live event! 



We would love the opportunity to show you how you can create big moments like this by using events as a tool in your business. For a complimentary consultation, contact us at 585-310-1986. 

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